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Ellipal Titan – The Coldest Crypto Wallet

Ellipal Titan is the best we can expect from a hardware wallet.

Ellipal Limited was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company name is derived from the English terms “Elliptic Curve Cryptography” and “Pal (partner/friend)”. The founder of the company is David Tian.
The company is in the business of crypto hardware wallet development and production. Ellipal hardware crypto wallet was first introduced during the 2018 Indiegogo campaign.
The Indiegogo campaign has achieved great success. In just a few weeks during the fall of 2018 the company raised over $ 55,000, although the initial targeted amount was only $ 10,000.
Shortly thereafter, Ellipal started with the production and sale of crypto hardware wallets.

Ellipal Titan
Ellipal Tiatn

Ellipal Titan

Today, two years later, the latest and upgraded model of the wallet – Ellipal Titan, is available for testing. It comes with a metal container for storing seed words (Mnemonic metal).


Ellipal Titan is a crypto hardware wallet completely isolated from internet connection or any other device (Air Gapped). Unlike other popular hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor, it doesn’t connect to the PC in any way. Instead, all communication is done by scanning QR codes.

Ellipal Titan Hardware Wallet

The content of the package

Ellipal comes in a cardboard box that, in addition to the device itself, includes a USB charging cable, a plastic safety adapter, two Ellipal labels, instructions in English, a thank you card and a cardboard template for writing seed words.

Ellipal pakiranje
Ellipal Package

In addition to the hardware wallet, a metal container for storing seed words came in the package . In previous posts, here and here, you can read about the tests we performed on different seed word storage tools.
Metal container consists of a metal box to store seed words, seven metal plates with printed alphabet, a plastic bag with the additional bolt, screwdriver and guide.

Ellipal Mnemonic
Mnemonic Metal

Device specification

Ellipal Titan is the latest version of the famous crypto wallet. It is a 118 x 66 x 9.7 mm matt gray aluminum alloy device with a built-in 5 mpx autofocus camera.
The 3.97-inch (10 cm) LCD screen is touch-sensitive. The unit comes with a built-in 1,400mAh battery sufficient for 259 hours of standby time.
For charging the battery there is an USB cable with an adapter.

Ellipal charging and upgrading adapter
Ellipal Titan -Adapter

The Ellipal feels great in the hand, has the robust look and is very well built.
The case is compact and cannot be disassembled or folded by hand. 

Ellipal Titan does not have the option to communicate via the Internet, Bluetooth or cable. It is completely isolated from any external connection, making it resistant to attacks and break-ins.

Ellipal is powered by a specially adapted version of the Android operating system. 
The device has IP65 protection level against dust and moisture penetration and since there are no exposed openings or slots, it really looks bulletproof.
The device has a 12 month warranty and is shipped to your address from Hong Kong. 

Firmware upgrade

In order to always use the latest firmware on your device, it is necessary to upgrade the system occasionally. Since Ellipal cannot connect to the Internet, the upgrade is done through a MicroSD memory card and an adapter that comes with the device. The memory card is not included in the standard package, but a package that includes a MicroSD memory card is also available on the manufacturer’s website. 

Ellipal adapter with MicroSD memory card

The video below provides instructions on how to download and install the latest firmware.

Using your Ellipal Wallet

Since your Ellipal device is completely isolated from the Internet, you must use a smartphone with the Ellipal mobile app installed. The app is available in both Android and iOS versions. The link to download the app is also available in the QR code format on the device itself.

Ellipal App

The transactions are also authenticated using QR codes. Therefore, private keys never leave the device and are completely safe from network attacks.
Ellipal is substantially different from other hardware wallets available out there and will undoubtedly require some adjustment time to use it.
The device arrived from the factory with a charged battery and ready to use. 

Getting started

The first step is to start the hardware wallet by pressing the button located on the left side of the device. It is the only button on the device. Immediately upon launch, you will see a touch screen – identical to that of modern smartphones. The menu will offer you three options:

  • creating a new user profile;
  • recovery of existing user profile using seed words; and
  • loading an existing user account.

By choosing to create a new user profile, you will be guided through the whole profile creation process. It is very important that you write down 12 seed words. You shouldn’t store them on your computer or take pictures of them with your cell phone. This is to ensure that the seed words remain completely isolated from the internet and the possibility of theft.

Creating a user profile

It is advised to write seed words on a piece of paper and, after verification, insert the first four letters of each seed word into a dedicated Ellipal container. In that way they will be safe from external influences and permanently stored. It is possible to create multiple user profiles within the device.
In the menus that follow you will be able to select the cryptocurrencies that you want to be displayed. At the time of writing this post, Ellipal Titan supports more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Support for the following cryptocurrencies has already been announced:
After first launching the app, select “Connect to cold wallet” and “Connect to App” on the device. In order to connect your mobile app, you need to scan all QR codes from your device. This process goes pretty smoothly if you use the “Autoplay” function which will modify the codes automatically as you scan them with the app.

Connecting to mobile

This process takes only a few seconds and your mobile app will download the balance from your Ellipal wallet.
You are now ready to receive and send cryptocurrency.  

Receiving crypto in the Ellipal Titan wallet

You can receive cryptocurrencies in the Ellipal Wallet in two ways: by displaying the address and the associated QR code directly on the Ellipal Wallet screen or by selecting cryptocurrency within the mobile app and pressing “Receive” at the bottom of the screen.
In both cases, you will be shown the same QR code with the same address.
For testing purposes, we sent $ 2 of Ether from our Metamask wallet to the address provided.

The Ellipal device does not display the balance of stored cryptocurrencies. The balance is visible on the mobile app.

After the transaction is completed, Ether is visible in the mobile app, but not on the Ellipal device. The whole process is very simple and takes only a few seconds.

Sending crypto from Ellipal Titan wallet

Sending cryptocurrency from Ellipal wallet is a bit more complicated and takes several steps:

  1. In the mobile app, open the cryptocurrency you want to send and select “send” at the bottom of the screen;
  2. Fill in the required information: amount, recipient address, adjust the gas amount and select “submit”;
  3. A QR code will appear on the screen that needs to be scanned with an Ellipal wallet;
  4. Inside the Ellipal wallet, select the “sign” next to the cryptocurrency you want to send and log in with a password;
  5. Scan the QR code displayed on the mobile app with the Ellipal wallet and confirm the transaction;
  6. The QR code of the approved transaction that needs to be scanned with the mobile app will appear on the device screen. A confirmation of the transaction will be displayed on the mobile screen and an app message will be sent to you confirming completion of the transaction. 
Ellipal sending

The same procedure applies when sending any cryptocurrency. The whole process seems complex at first, however everything is logical and after a short period of adjustment this becomes very simple. 

The mobile app

The mobile app works flawlessly, is very transparent and offers a full range of features.In addition to the basic overview of cryptocurrencies in each account, the tab “Markets” shows the 100 largest cryptocurrencies with displayed price changes.
In this tab it is possible to compile a list of favorites and track only certain cryptocurrencies or only those from the “hot” list. The tab “Finance” offers a change from one cryptocurrency to another, the so-called “exchange” function. In the “Earning” section it is possible to see the interest rate on deposited USDT tokens. The possibility to use other products and services from the DeFi sector directly in the app is also announced.

Ellipal App
Ellipal App
Ellipal Application
Ellipal App

Furthermore, the “Finance” tab also offers direct trading in the Binance Dex, decentralized exchange. Please note that everything is happening inside the app, you never leave the app at any time. The “Discover” tab lists links to the news from leading crypto portals. In the tab “Profile” you can adjust the settings of your user profile. 
As you can conclude, the app is much more than a crypto wallet and offers a set of features any crypto enthusiast will appreciate.

Seed words container (Mnemonic metal)

Another product offered by Ellipal is a metal box for storage of seed words. It can be purchased separately or together with a hardware wallet. The size of the box is 86 x 60 x 8 mm. It can store 24 words of four letters each. Thanks to the BIP39 protocol, this storage format  allows you to fully recover your wallet with only 4 letters in each seed word.


Metal letter macro shot
Ellipal Mnemonic metal
Metal letters

The container is a metal folding box with letter slots and attachment frames. The letters come printed on metal plates and once inserted into the container and attached to the frame are safe from all external influences: fire, flood, mechanical force, insects, etc.
The container can also be locked for additional protection. 
You can get Ellipal directly from the manufacturer’s site or buy it on Amazon. Two packages are currently on sale: 

ELLIPAL TITAN BUNDLE for $ 176 plus $ 19 for shipping.
This package contains Ellipal Titan + Cartridge Seed Word + 16GB MicroSD Memory Card.

ELLIPAL TITAN DUO is priced at $ 279 plus $ 19 for shipping.
This package contains two Ellipal Titans + one MicroSD memory card of 16GB.

A metal container can also be purchased individually under the name ELLIPAL MNEMONIC METAL – ULTIMATE CRYPTOCURRENCY BACKUP for $ 49 plus $ 19 for shipping. 

On the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon the device is also available without accessories for $ 139 plus $ 19 for shipping. Payment is possible via PayPal, credit and debit cards (VISA, Maestro, AMEX, Discover) and cryptocurrencies. 

When ordering, you must also keep in mind that your package is subject to customs clearance and VAT.

What if I lose my Ellipal Titan wallet?

In the event that your Ellipal wallet is stolen or lost, it is important that your seed words are stored in a safe place. Seed words are the only way to recover your account and all the cryptocurrencies that are stored in it. The device is also password protected, so if someone repeatedly tries to unlock the device with the wrong password, the device will reset to default settings and all data on it will be deleted.
In this case, seed words will be the only way to fully recover your user data (cryptocurrencies stored).

Elliapl Hardware Wallet


Since your wallet is completely isolated from the Internet and other devices, we can speak about complete security.
The Opensource Javascript file available at proves that the QR codes generated by Ellipal wallet do not contain any additional information (or private keys) that could compromise the security of your crypto assets. 

What could be better?

What we would like to see in a future version of the app is “dark mode” as well as more up-to-date articles in the “Discover” tab. At the time of writing, the articles are three days old. 
Also, the “Send Max” function, which is usual on the majority of other wallets, would facilitate the work. The somewhat cheaper price of the device could also add to the popularity. Comparing Ellipal to the most popular competitors – the Ledger Nano with a S model available for $ 66 including VAT and shipping, or the Trezor Model White also available for $ 66 including VAT and shipping – almost double the price of the Ellipal hardware wallet could discourage someone from buying it.
Seed word tiles


Ellipal crypto hardware wallet in its latest Titan version offers a unique solution for storing and managing crypto assets, providing you with 100% security and a simple, transparent and intuitive interface on your device and mobile app.

By buying it, you get a high-quality, large and comfortable display device, with available online support and continuous release of new firmware versions. In the nearly two years since Ellipal has been in use, it has proven to be extremely reliable and secure. If you are looking for a proven, secure and quality hardware crypto wallet that will give you great comfort in your work, Ellipal is a product that will provide you with all of the above, and more. 

Ellipal news can be followed on 

In case of additional questions or difficulties in use, a chat service is available on the Ellipal website. You can also contact them by direct inquiry at email address 

The photos in this post were taken with a Nikon DSLR camera.

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