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Ether Cards – NFTs with superpowers

The latest NFT project offers more than a pixels on the screen


Ether Cards is Andras Kristof’s and his team’s newest project. Andras is a blockchain veteran and entrepreneur. After a series of successful projects (Devcon5 NFT ticketing, working with Consensys, and the Ethereum Foundation), the team launched a new iteration of the Ether Cards.

Ethercards artists

Ether Cards is both the Platform and a Cards

Ether Cards is a platform that will allow creators to interact with the audience through events with the help of NFTs (Ether Cards) minted on the platform. (Soon on the marketplaces and partner platforms).

Examples of such events are raffles and Bingo games or the sales of Blind Bags packages, and many more to come.

As stated on their website; 

The player can either mint a new NFT on Ether Cards or use an NFT minted by existing recognized providers, such as Rarible, Mintbase, OpenSea, or Nifty Gateway.

The team already announced the collaboration with well-known names from the space, such as Sushiswap,  NFTX platform, and the increasingly popular Brave browser. 


Each Ether Card is an NFT token on the Ethereum blockchain, which, in addition to its artistic value, also has an actual utility. 

The artistic and collectible value derives from a whole list of renowned digital artists working on card design. 

Here is the list of artists collaborating on the project:

Ether Cards artists

Ether Cards NFT Tokens

One of the most exciting features of Ether Cards is the utility part. Each Card will have special attributes – Traits. 

Traits are divided into categories, and the list will grow over time. Available Traits are

  • Free Ticket Creation
  • Free Puzzle Creation
  • All Services Free
  •   5% discount on offered services
  • 15% discount on offered services
  • 25% discount on offered services
  • 50% discount on offered services
  • Disco Dropper- one-time discount coupon
  • 1% commission of the EtherCards contract’s revenue
  • 0.1% commission of the EtherCards contract’s revenue
  • 0.01% commission of the EtherCards contract’s revenue
  • 1% Inaugural sale Commission
  • 0.1% Inaugural sale Commission
  • 0.01% Inaugural sale Commission
  • 1 Extra ticket for each ticket bought
  • Lucky – find rarer and better cards in every Blind Bag you buy.
  • Phoenix – a special trait for the pre-sale buyers

Divided by types, there are:

  • Utility Traits
  • Vanity Traits
  • Royalty Traits
  • Meta Traits
  • Launch Traits

To protect users and platform from abuse, some of the Traits have limitations.

paketić iznenađenja
Ether Cards – Blind Bags

Prices and public sale of Ether Cards

The public sale of Ether Cards NFT tokens starts on March 18, 2021. 9 am (EST).
You can track the exact time of the sale on their sales page: The

There are four groups of cards. 

Common Cards from the serial number 1,000-9,999

Common Cards have the smallest chance to get any of the Launch Traits.
With the progress of the sales, the prices will go up. Their pricing will range between
0.3-5 ETH based on the schedule on the sales page

Common Card

Alpha Cards from serial number 100-999

Prices will range from 5-25 ETH, and you have twice the chance to get a particular trait than a Common Card.

OG cards from serial number 10-100

These are the rarest NFTs available. They have 3x the chance to get a trait than a Common Card. Also, OG cards have a chance of being assigned famous NFT artwork.

Pricing for OG Cards will range from 30-55 ETH based on the schedule on the sales page. 



Each Card will be randomly assigned artwork by the artist together with one or more Launch Traits during the minting. The Card’s group will determine the value of the artwork and the Traits’ rarity. The team will use Chainlink’s random generator in the process

Supported wallets and purchase

You can purchase Ether Cards using the supported wallets listed below, and before you interact with the platform, you will be prompted to accept the terms of use.

The supported wallets are: 

  • Metamask
  • Authereum
  • Fortmatic
  • Ledger
  • Opera
  • Torus
  • Vault
  • WalletConnect
  • WalletLink

Final steps

After you have made a purchase, you will be able to view your Cards in your wallet.
Each cards will be revealed in steps below:

Confirmed — the Card is secured but has yet to be assigned artwork and Traits.

Resolved — Limited Traits are still hidden, but the artwork and Common Launch Traits will be revealed. 

Completed — once the Public Sale is over, any Limited Traits assigned to your Card will be revealed.

Please find out more about the project on their web page and social profiles.





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