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Jobs in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry

How to get a job in a blockchain technology company

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many aspects of our daily lives and now most of us spend time at home. At the same time, we are witnessing a decline in revenue for most of us and the forecasts are everything else but optimistic.
In these circumstances, the logical question for many of us is how to make money working from home. In the text below you can find an overview of places on the Internet where companies publish jobs related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Often, such companies pay their workers and associates in cryptocurrencies. 

Demand for Distance


Cryptotask is a Croatian startup launched in 2017. Cryptotask is a decentralized free-market ecosystem that directly connects freelancers with companies looking for workers. Using blockchain technology, this platform also provides fast and easy dispute resolution regarding finished jobs.


A decentralized system where the reputation of each participant is stored on the blockchain ensures the fair operation of the platform without the possibility of censorship or similar activities, as is the case with centralized platforms. 
Cryptotask has recently partnered with The Freelance Institute – a global freelancer community assembled on the Slack platform. In addition to blockchain jobs, you will find other work-from-home jobs on this platform. Cryptotask is the perfect place to find remote jobs, especially during periods we’re witnessing today. 


The world’s largest platform for professionals is well known to the majority of the population. According to a recent LinkedIn survey, the most sought after skill of 2020 is precisely the blockchain. Everyone with the skills related to the development of blockchain projects is in high demand this year. It is expected that this trend will continue in the future. Read more about this topic here.


Even a quick search of LinkedIn for the term blockchain reveals that the demand for blockchain-related jobs is overwhelming. The Jobs section currently lists more than 13,500 blockchain jobs worldwide. As one can assume, a good deal of these jobs can be done remotely. Therefore, LinkedIn is a more than valuable source of information. 


Huobi,, Status, Unstoppable Domains, Aeternity, WeChain and many other big crypto players publish job postings on this platform. 
On the CryptoJobs platform you can search for jobs by location, required skills and job category.

All the jobs offered are related to work on blockchain technologies, and according to information from the website, by subscribing to their email newsletters you will receive an overview of over 15,000 jobs every two weeks. They also post interesting jobs on their Twitter profile.
For employers, job postings are free of charge, but they can pay additional  $ 199 for benefits such as featured ads, company Twitter posts, etc.

Crypto Careers

Crypto Careers is another blockchain technology jobs search portal. List of the companies offering jobs on this site is striking. Facebook, Binance, Mastercard, Kraken, Consensys, Paypal or US Securities and Exchange Commission are just a few of them. These names prove to us that big companies are working very hard on building blockchain solutions and signal us to familiarize ourselves with this technology as soon as possible.

Crypto Careers – blockchain job search platform

The job search on this portal is facilitated by thirteen different filters. Therefore you can look for remote jobs as well as filter jobs by category, location or distance from your current location. Job search is free, while job posting is charged $ 99- $ 349 depending on the level of service. Crypto Careers is a well-designed and structured platform with excellent job search capabilities and well-balanced offers for companies that publish demand for workers. 


This is another platform for finding crypto deals. Major cryptocurrency and blockchain companies are also present here. Brave Browser, Coinbase, Binance, Maker, Ripple and Kraken are just a few. Employers pay for job advertising, and they can opt for one of three models.

Blockchain Jobs – Blockew

Freelancers are also offered the ability to publish resumes on the platform, which gives them additional exposure to employers by offering them jobs that are not visible to others. To publish a CV, you need to create a free user profile. CV posting is possible in the basic free version as well as in the premium version which requires one-time payment of $ 9. 

Job search is facilitated by filters. Search is possible by categories, keywords, location and combinations of these parameters.


As with previous platforms, many large crypto companies are promoting the need for a workforce here. Recently listed advertisers include Status, 0x Protocol, Circle, Metamask, Brave, ShapeShift, etc. Jobs can be searched by category, location and job type. There are separate sections on the platform with links to individual companies.

Additional Features

In these special sections each company has an opportunity to briefly present itself to potential employees. That enables everyone interested to gain a better understanding of how the company works as well as some other details from the daily life and work of their employees.

In addition to companies’ sections, there are salaries and open feed sections. In the salaries section, you will need to fill out a form with information about your salary and job details you are working on, after which you will be granted access to other participants’ salaries. That enables transparency of wages within the industry. Currently, 70 participants made available their payroll data. The open feed section provides real-time information on platform activities.

There we can see when someone applied for a job, new job openings, postings about salaries and similar information. CryptoJobs is a well-designed and useful site and don’t leave it out in your search for jobs. 

Cryptocurrency Jobs

This is another platform specializing in blockchain industry jobs. The interface is transparent and simple. As with similar job advertising platforms, search is possible by category, term, location (plus a special category for remote jobs).

As of this writing, 676 jobs have been listed on the Cryptocurrency Jobs platform. 
Here, too, large companies such as Amazon, Bitfinex, Blockchain, Metamask, Synthetix, OmiseGo and others are looking for their future employees. Within the platform, there is a section listing companies with job ads. Businesses are listed alphabetically, making search easier and more transparent. The section Collections offers an overview of jobs according to a variety of manually selected criteria. Finally, the section Salaries provide an overview of salaries for different types of jobs with averages in different world regions.

Cryptocurrency Jobs is a great, well-rounded platform with all the tools you need, respectable clients and a good selection of jobs. As expected, job search is free, while employers will pay $ 199 upwards depending on the level of service they opt for.

Other Places to Find Jobs

In addition to the major platforms described above, blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs can be found on some other job posting portals. Below is a list of some of them:


Social networks are also one of the places to find jobs. Search Facebook for blockchain jobs or some similar term, filter the results only to Facebook groups and you’ll get quite a few results, including some large and active groups with a good job offer. On Reddit, visit the subreddit on with over 27,000 members where you can find listings of jobs paid in Bitcoin.  


Regardless of which platform you will use, it’s important to keep yourself informed about payment methods. It’s not uncommon for some of the smaller companies to offer you a payment in their token.

In a situation like this, make sure to check the liquidity of that token, on which exchanges it is listed on and whether you can exchange it for Bitcoin, Ether, or some stablecoin. For that you can use platforms like Coinmarketcap, Messari or Coingecko. If none of the above has worked for you, you can always create a list of blockchain companies you want to work for, find contact information on their web pages and contact them directly. Employers will often appreciate this approach and this will help you to stand out from the crowd.

We hope that this guide will help you to launch your career in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

 Good luck!

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