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RMRK – The Dawn of the Art Legos

Interview with Bruno Škvorc, creator of the Kanaria platform and RMRK protocol – the first NFT project on the Kusama blockchain 


Polkadot, Kusama, Kanaria and RMRK

Polkadot is one of the leading crypto projects that builds a cross-blockchain transfer platform. 
Kusama – is an experimental network of specialized blockchains with almost identical code as Polkadot. The scalable, multichain network for radical innovation, as they like to call themselves. Both of them are meant to connect other blockchains. 
RMRK (read Remark) is a platform for making and managing rich and customizable NFTs on the Kusama blockchain and other blockchains from the Polkadot ecosystem.
Kanaria is an application built with RMRK and RMRK is the technology powering it.
RMRK is a result of the work of Bruno Švorc and his team. 

In this short interview check out what Bruno had to say about the project itself, upcoming tokens, NFTs, and plans for the future.

kusma logo
Kusama logo

Interview with Bruno 

Hello Bruno, thank you for stopping by. Please introduce yourself briefly.

I’m Bruno, I started out in Ethereum in 2015 and did education for a bit, teaching web2 developers how to work with web3. In 2018 I got hired by Status to work on Ethereum 2.0, and in 2019 I got hired by Web3 Foundation to work on Polkadot and Kusama. Since the end of 2020 I have been working on the RMRK project with a team of 3 awesome developers – find us all on at the bottom. You can find out more about some of my side projects at

Please tell us what is the RMRK project, and will there be a token?

We often call it a platform of ART LEGOS because there is no limit to how you can compose your NFTs. It is currently the most advanced NFT platform out there. You can try it through the platform!

RMRK is a platform that allows users to create and sell rich and customizable NFT tokens on Kusama and all other blockchain networks within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Bruno Škvorc
Bruno Škvorc, Technical Educator at Web3 Foundation, blockchain developer

And what about the $RMRK token?

Yes, there will be a platform-native $RMRK token. Max supply will be 10 million – the same as Kusama. Currently, we are in a seed sale.

The token distribution is scheduled for June 2021, followed by the private sale with a higher price and a two-year vesting period. 

The $RMRK token will be used as a governance token, collateral, and staking token on ALL supported platforms. 

NFT eggs

Can you tell us which NFTs are already available and what makes them unique?

Currently, the most exciting NFTs are eggs. These are our initial collectibles offering where each NFT buyer will receive a portion of $RMRK after the token distribution. Users who got their tokens via NFTs will get their tokens right away, with no vesting schedule.

You can secure your $RMRK tokens by purchasing NFT eggs directly on the platform until 31.05.
We call this process a FAIRDROP.

The price of one egg depends on the category and starts at 2KSM
($1.000 when writing this article).

kanaria eggs
Kanaria eggs

By purchasing NFT eggs, users ensure the FAIRDROP of the $RMRK token.
What will happen to the eggs after the token distribution?

Kanaria is fantastic because the eggs will hatch into unique birds with unique traits that will bring you benefits across the entire platform.

ptice kanaria
The eggs will hatch into unique birds

For example, one of the more popular traits is revenue share – the RMRK team will give 20% of all its future revenue *for life* to give to people who own birds with the Rev Share trait. Check out the project’s official presentation, where you will find answers to most questions related to Kanaria and RMRK.

Customizable NFTs

Bruno, please tell us what technology you used when creating the RMRK platform; you mentioned some great functions. 
Does Kusama itself provide such possibilities? How did you solve this technically?

Both Polkadot and Kusama are “relay chains,” their purpose is to connect other blockchains. We had to make it very lightweight because of this, so it cannot have smart contracts. But the connecting functionality is not live yet, so the only way to put NFTs onto it was to use a method of “colored coins” from Bitcoin. It’s not that we don’t want smart contracts; we had to do without them, which turned out great. 

Still, as soon as we get them, we’re taking our already next-level stuff to an even higher level. Right now, the platform is capable of functions such as: 

NFTs that:

  • own other NFTs
  • react to emotion 
  • are governed via DAOs
  • can have multiple resources at once (imagine a video game NFT which has code + high res image + manual all at the same time, and it loads images depending on its location.
  • have conditional rendering, so you can nest conditions together, like “show aurora borealis in this forest painting if it gets 50 x ☀️ and 50x ❄️)

With these properties, we already see some unprecedented functionality. It is hard even to imagine what smart contracts will bring.

Is it safe to assume that RMRK is well on its way to becoming the generally accepted NFT standard for the entire Polkadot ecosystem? 

The leading people of Polkadot have recognized our work, and so far, things are going very well. 

Introducing the Kanaria Eggs

What chains will support your NFTs?

NFTs will be usable throughout the Polkadot ecosystem. We will be launching on: 

  • Moonbeam, the Ethereum-based chain on Polkadot / Kusama
  • Unique, the NFT parachain on Polkadot / Kusama
  • Acala, the DeFi hub on Polkadot / Kusama
  • Phala, the privacy-focused DeFi platform on Polkadot / Kusama
  • Zeitgeist, the oracle and prediction markets chain on Polkadot / Kusama
  • Unifty – managing NFTs between blockchains

Additionally, there will be more projects, but it’s too early to talk about them for now. 

We have already processed a lot, and I feel that we barely just scratched the surface.  Bruno, lastly, please share with us the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment.

We are currently looking for a meme master to hire, and we work hard on writing the Rust version and the smart contract version of our tech. 

Bruno, thank you again for this conversation. I wish you a lot of success in your future work. 

Thank you, Vedran! I hope we have sparked some interest among readers to visit our platform and learn more about the project.


Claim your NFT egg until May 31st and reserve your place in the $RMRK token FAIRDROP.

NFTs are available at this link.

All instructions are on the official RMRK Youtube channel

For additional information and interaction with other users please visit:

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