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Unibright – Off-the-shelf blockchain solution

Unibright is developing an easy to use templates to power the enterprise blockchain adoption

Unibright is a German company founded as a blockchain branch of SPO Consulting GmbH,
a company specialized in the implementation of SAP business software solutions.
The company has a long record of doing business with prominent clients such as Lufthansa, Siemens, Samsung and others.
In 2018, Unibright launched an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) campaign that turned out to be a great success. Within days, more than $13 million has been raised.

In essence company is developing ready-made blockchain-based templates for enterprise users.

The advantage of implementing Unibright solutions is that it enables for companies and organizations to utilize blockchain technology without the extensive costs and the need for specialized developers.

The use of their templates requires no coding skills, no smart contract developing skills or any software developing knowledge. Everything is done in a drag and drop manner within an intuitive and simple graphical user interface. Smart contracts are generated with a click of a mouse.
Unibright is blockchain agnostic and their framework is designed to integrate into the existing enterprise systems.
This makes blockchain technology much more accessible, with shorter implementation times and significant cost reductions.
The market quickly recognizes the benefits of blockchain technology in a growing number of use-cases.
However, when implementing concrete secure and stable blockchain solutions, businesses regularly face roadblocks on their way to deployment, largely due to the high cost and scarcity of blockchain-trained professionals.
With its growing range of ready-made templates, Unibright is effectively addressing this burning issue. 

Workflow demo

In the example below, we can see how creating a simple workflow works inside a Unibright Designer site.
This tool allows anyone, regardless of their blockchain experience or knowledge, to visually configure workflows without any reference to a specific blockchain protocol.
The process starts with dragging the units over to the main board. Units can be interconnected to form a continuous workflow.
Each unit needs to be defined with parameters: name, approval type, feedback, interaction method and the like.
In this example, we see a product design workflow that requires the approval of individual participants in the process. After initial approval, the product goes for quality checks. Once the quality department gives OK the process is over and the authorized person will receive the notice of completion. 

Unibright Workflow

Next step is validation. Once the system validates the workflow and its functionality you will be able to examine the underlying code of the smart contract supporting the workflow.
A click on the “code preview” menu pops up the the code window and it prompts you to select the blockchain network. At this point the platform supports Ethereum, EOS and DAML programming languages. 

Smart contracts in the background

Available smart contracts
unibright smart contrat
Unibright smart contracts

Finally, the workflow is published on the (test) Ethereum or EOS network.
In the explorer tab you can check the status of your saved workflow. A link to the Ethereum address of the smart contract network will also be available. Smart contract is stored on the Ethereum Ropsten Testnet.


It took only a few minutes to configure, verify and publish this workflow on the blockchain network.
Ethereum version of example above relays on a 963 words smart contract.
Simultaneously, EOS and DAML smart contract have been created.
This simple example clearly demonstrates the scale of savings achieved with the use of Unibright templates. It is obvious how a large number of man-hours can be saved and hassle avoided with the use of multy-party approval template – the one of 9 currently available templates.
The following ready-made templates are available:

  • Batch tracing
  • Asset Lifecycle
  • Request for Quotation
  • Shipping Process Monitoring
  • Invoice Releasing
  • New Hire
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Milestone Based Project Payment
Unibright-360 ecosystem

All of the above is only a part of the company’s operations. In addition to templates development the company provides venture capital services to blockchain start-ups, organizes tailored workshops, offers consulting services and works on developing a complete ecosystem built around tokenizing assets of the so-called 360° Security Token Platform.
All activities within the company are divided into departments:

Unibright Token (UBT)

unibright token
Unibright token

Unibright token (UBT) is the central part of the system. UBT is tility oken needed for all products and services offered within the Unibright system.
All Unibright services such as workshops, tokenization, smart contracts creation and liquidity assurance can only be purchased with UBT tokens.
The UBT token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each time a client uses a tokens to pay for a service or product, tokens are locked in a smart contract for the duration of the contract and are removed from the market. This way the growth of the platform will increase the demand for the UBT token as the circulating supply decreases. 

UBT token

There are just over 148 million UBT tokens in circulation, of which more than 7.5 million are currently locked on the platform. You can see the structure of the token distribution on this link.
On the bottom of the page you will find a calculator for the easy estimation of how many tokens are required for a specific template and the usage complexity. 

unibright token
Unibrigt token
Unibright calculator

In discussions on the tockenomics of Unibright tokens, one question often arises: what will happen when all available UBT tokens are locked on the platform?
A short answer to that question was given by Stefan Schmidt – Unibrigth co-founder in the video below

Unibright and Baseline Protocol

Earlier this year Ernst & Young, Microsoft and Consensys (a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) announced the launch of the Baseline Protocol – ”an  open source initiative that combines advances in cryptography, messaging and blockchain to deliver secure and private business processes at low cost via the public Ethereum Mainnet”, as described on their webpage.

Baseline Protocol provides a platform that enables safe and inexpensive transfer of business processes to the main Ethereum network.

In Baseline, Unibright will play a major role. Through its Framework, Unibright will provide a solution for enterprises to interconnect and transfer their traditional business processes to the Ethereum blockchain network in an easy and secure way at a low-cost.

unibright -baseline
Unibright and Baseline protokol

Read more about Baseline Protocol in a Consensys Blog.

As part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Unibright also plays an active role in  EMINENT Task Force formed with a goal to establish standards when implementing blockchain solutions for enterprises.

Collaboration with universities

Unibright recognized the importance of education and put a significant effort into collaboration with German and European universities. Students from Mainz, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, The Hague, Milan and Prague got the opportunity to develop skills working with blockchain and Unibright tools.
Although traditionally the majority of students looking into blockchain comes from  business and IT studies, there is a growing interest from marine or sports management students as well. 


From its early days, Unibright makes comprehensive efforts in bridging the gap between blockchain technology and traditional business applications. Strategic approach and leading engagement within the EEA and Baseline, puts unibright in a position to shape the future of enterprise blockchain adoption, together with the likes of ConsenSys, Microsoft and Ernst & Young.
Find out more about the Unibright platform in whitepaper, the Medium blog, Telegram, Twitter and the official website.

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