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Stoic – Automate Your Crypto Trades with AI and Crowd Wisdom


STOIC – automated crypto trading from your mobile

Trade crypto with a help of advanced technology using a simple mobile app.
Stoic is a mobile app available both for Android and iOS that enables you to automate your trading.

Stoic App

Cindicator and Stoic app

The mobile app is a product of Cindicator. The company was founded in 2015 by Mike Brusov and Yuri Lobyntsev in order to build predictive analytics by combining collective intelligence with machine learning. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in St. Petersburg, Seoul, and Moscow. In 2017, the company successfully launched ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and raised $15 million. Their native token is CND.
Currently, the company employs more than 30 employees from 9 countries, a good part of which works remotely. You can find out more about the team here.

Hybrid intelligence

Combination of the collective human mind and machine learning modules resulted in the development of Cindicator’s hybrid intelligence system.
Hybrid intelligence is a method of combining prediction by a large decentralized group of people – more than 156,000 – with artificial intelligence, or machine learning to be more precise.
It all started with the realization that the aggregated prediction of the group is superior to the assessments and knowledge of individuals, regardless of their mental abilities.
Based on its innovative technology, Cindicator has offered the following products to the market:

  • Macro sentiment indicator ($ 299 / month) – 6 weekly macro sentiment indicators, S&P500 trading strategies with proven historical accuracy. Private chat with traders.
  • Cindicator Edge (multiple tiers) – weekly hybrid intelligence indicators for crypto and traditional trading. 70% accuracy proven.

Additionally, there is a Cindicator Capital quantitative crypto fund optimized for successful digital assets trading in all market conditions. Available only for a selected group of LPs who are accredited investors. 

Read more about the results of Cindicator’s predictions and additional articles on their blog.

Stoic mobile App

The application was launched In September 2020. Stoic was built by the development team behind the Cindicator Capital fund and, like the fund, it is powered by the Cindicator’s hybrid intelligence. It is available both in the Android and iOS versions. The app executes all trades for you using your Binance account. 

Stoic Mobile App

Getting started with Stoic App

To start using the Stoic app, you have to open a Binance account.
As of now, Stoic only works via the API key of your Binance account. Binance was chosen because of its huge user base – more than 13 million. Furthermore, Binance offers excellent liquidity across a wide range of digital assets. An additional reason is that the Binance exchange proved to be very safe and user friendly.
The Stoic team announced that they are planning to support more exchanges that will meet high-security standards.
Note: if you already have an account on the Binance platform, you can open a sub-account only for Stoic trades. Find out more about sub-accounts here.

If you don’t have a Binance account, you can open one here.


When it comes to security, it is important to note that for the Stoic application to work, you need to enter your Binance API key, the one that does not have the authority to withdraw funds from your account. Thus, the application is authorized exclusively to trade funds in your account, while you keep custody over your assets at all times. If you suddenly decide to take profits, you can immediately withdraw funds from your Binance account at any time.
No lockups, no hassle.
Once your API is connected and the app starts running, it will take control of your trading actions while you can track all changes and the status of your portfolio within your mobile app.
It is important to note that it may take up to 48 hours for the app to start trading once you have connected your API key. The delay will depend on the number of new users at the time.

We thought‘ why limit this technology to only 0.01% of the rich? ‘Who will change the game if not Cindicator? Stoic allows anyone to trade like a crypto hedge fund using only the mobile app.

Yuri Lobyntsev, co-founder and CTO

The price and minimum deposit

The minimum amount you need to have on your Binance account is $1,000. 

The app is free to download. Before connecting your app to a Binance account you can use a demo portfolio to get the feel for it.  

There is a 5% annual management fee that needs to be paid upfront in a separate USDT transaction.  

How much profit can we expect? 

Stoic application is based on the crypto trading strategy, launched in early 2020. The strategy works by rebalancing the top 20 crypto assets based on the input from the 156.000 Cindicator forecasters.
According to the website during the trial period from the beginning of the year until August 31, this strategy made +124% in dollar terms and about + 23% in Bitcoin.
Several new trading strategies are being prepared and will be gradually introduced.
It is to be expected that the system will become more efficient over time, and thus that it will generate more revenue. 

Additional features

In addition to the demo portfolio, you will receive a weekly, easy-to-read summary of crypto events in the inbox tab of the app. This report is delivered on Mondays and it will help you remain up to date on the most important events from the past week.
The profile tab contains your account status and settings, as well as a support chat box and a link to the knowledge database for more details about the product. 


Contest and prizes

In the Cindicator web application, you can participate in the competition with your predictions and win prizes.
By accurately predicting events from the crypto markets, you win points that can be converted to ETH and can be withdrawn to your wallet.
Also, by participating, you compete for the main prize at the end of the month. The participants with the most points share a monthly prize fund of 1.25 BTC. The 3 best-positioned participants share most of the prize fund. There is a similar competition in predicting traditional market events. The prediction contest app is also available for smartphones. 


Cindicator products, and especially the Stoic application, brought us into the era of cutting-edge technology automated trading open to anybody in the world.

With a low entry barrier, you even no longer need a computer, you manage everything from your mobile phone. As William Gibson once said:

The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed

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