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Terra Virtua – entertainment, art, VR and blockchain


It is not easy to describe in one sentence what Terra Virtua represents. It is an emerging ecosystem that takes the NFT token experiences to a new level. 

Terra Virtua is a London-based company founded in 2016. The company was founded by Jawad Ashraf and Gary Bracey. In November 2020, Terra Virtua announced that they had raised a $ 2.5 million investment. 

Terra Virtua Logo
Terra Virtua Logo

The company focuses on creating customizable virtual environments that will provide users with vivid experiences when interacting with NFTs. Terra Virtua is home to all kinds of items, from artworks, collections, sports, and movie memorabilia. All items are tradable within the platform’s marketplace. In virtual spaces like Fandoms and Terra Domes, token owners will get the opportunity to enjoy their collections with friends thru listening to music concerts using VR technology or racing their cars. There is a strong accent on sharing experiences via social media.

Terra Virtua Fandom
Terra Virtua Fandom
NFT tokeni
NFT tokens in a Gallery

Popular brands

The company recognized a huge potential in providing brands with new opportunities enabling their fans to have unique experiences in the world of tokens and the fast-growing blockchain industry. Combining well-known names from popular culture and their fans’ broad base with NFT tokens is the best path to mass adoption. 

Terra Virtua achieved notable success in collaboration with the entertainment industry’s biggest names – Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entertainment.

Characters from epic movies – such as The Godfather and items from Top Gun are now living a new life on the Terra Virtua platform.

Every purchase on the platform can be made with both cryptocurrencies and traditional credit cards. 

Terra Virtua- Godfather
The Godfather
Terra Virtua - Top Gun
Top Gun

The new experiences

Another exciting news is exclusive events-related items that will be available in limited series during the events. The possibilities are limitless. 

Imagine exclusive Game of Thrones finale merchandise available only during the episode. If you could grab exclusive team merchandise when a player hits a home run. Merchandise that becomes available at a concert during specific performances. Owning action figures that come to life — these are the types of things you will experience from Terra Virtua.

Jawad Ashraf

Tokenization and tokens minting

The tokenization of physical objects, such as jewelry, clothing is also in the pipeline.
On the platform, you will be able to tokenize your physical merchandise and associate it with its unique NFT token. All NFT tokens are forever traceable on the blockchain. 

Read more about the tokenization of items in a blog post about the Croatian Post and its NFT stamps.

A mesmerizing loop of abstract machinery with metallic materials and bright lights with a touch of satisfying physics

New value distribution

Artists and creators will be glad to learn that the platform will enable them to earn from their artworks even after they are sold. 
In the legacy world, after the owner sells an item, he no longer receives anything from that item’s future sales. 
Using blockchain technology, Terra Virtua is working on the possibility for a percentage of all the future sales to be distributed to the original creator of the work. Thus, the author of the work would become permanently rewarded while his work travels on the blockchain.

Terra Virtua is rapidly becoming THE place to create, exchange, collect, trade, and interact with digital assets on the blockchain in 2D, 3D, and VR environments, throughout all platforms with one user profile. All of that with a premium feeling across the entire ecosystem.

TVK token

From a technical point of view – Terra Virtua is powered by its token – Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK), which lives as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Here you can track the price, circulation, and other characteristics of the token. 

The inevitable DeFi functions – farming, staking, are soon to be introduced directly on the platform. Meanwhile, you can earn new tokens by staking them on AscendEX (former BitMAX) exchange.
Read more details about AscendEX here.


A system to reward loyal VTK token owners is also under development. 
In addition to the staking mentioned above, the owners will be rewarded through competitions, assignments, contests, and similar events. Also, VTK tokens will be used to enter the Terra Virtua Prestige Club, which will bring many benefits, but details have yet to be released. 


Apart from the already mentioned giants of the entertainment industry, Terra Virtua has announced partnerships with IGGalaxy, Utrust, Unreal Engine, and blockchain solutions Elrond, Matic, Arkane, and  Phantasma. Each of these partnerships brings a new layer of functionality and expands the capabilities of the platform.
Just one example; Phantasma’s Smart NFT technology enables the creation of Multy-Layer NFT tokens. Applying this technology makes it possible to create digital assets composed of several parts – several different NFT tokens. This architecture opens up additional possibilities for creating unique, complex digital objects with more than one owner. 

It doesn’t stop there. A new set of tools called Terra Forma Tools will bring a new avenue to digital object creation. It is exciting to think about all those new creations that will emerge soon. 


User account

Creating a user profile on the Terra Virtua platform is easy. You need to enter your first and last name, your Ethereum address, password, and username. Within your dashboard, you can track all your activities, transactions, items that you own, ongoing auctions, and make various settings. You will use a single ID across all platforms. 

The Three Elements

A few days ago, in their blog post, Terra Virtua grouped their activities around three fundamental elements of the ecosystem: art, collectibles, and token. To make it easier to follow the development of the entire system, unique logos and Twitter accounts have been made:

Terra Virtua Twitter

@TerraVirtuaHQ – account for licensing and product news 
@TerraVirtuaArt – art-related content
@Terra_virtua – main Twitter account, dominated by topics related to technical aspects of the platform; token, blockchain, etc.…

All major news will still be published on all three accounts.

Below you can see a snapshot of the avatar inside the Terra Virtua mobile app.
It has a realistic feel, and it gives us a good insight into what can be expected using mobile devices. 

Terra Virtua mobile app

My maps on Terra Virtua

I am thrilled to be a part of the latest round of 11 new artists listed in the marketplace.
The “London” collection represents my colorful view of the maps of London.

You can submit your work for upcoming presentations by filling out this form.

With its innovative and comprehensive approach through the use of immersive technology, Terra Virtua establishes itself as a central place in the fast-growing NFT segment. Exciting partnerships and a rapid pace at which Tera Virtua introduces new opportunities develop a firm path to tremendous success!

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