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Keycard – Contactless Hardware Wallet


Keycard is a secure contactless hardware wallet based on NFC technology.

Keycard combines the security of an air-gapped hardware wallet with simplicity and low cost of the credit card. The concept was introduced in February 2019 by the team of developers:
Andrea Franz, Guy-Louis Grau, Michele Balistreri, and Hester Bruikman.

Keycard logo
Keycard logo

How the card works 

It is a plastic card the size of a standard Visa card with a built-in NFC chip.
Recently, the Keycard has been integrated into the Android version of the app. Status is a decentralized messaging application, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser, all in one.
Status users that keep their crypto on the app can now with a Keycard integration store their private keys on the card. This way private keys are permanently stored in a safe air-gapped environment, away from your mobile phone or the internet.
Whenever you want to move your crypto, for example, to make a payment or to send it to someone, you just tap your Keycard and enter your PIN just as if you would do at the contactless cash register at stores.
At that point, the card authenticates the transaction while the private keys never leave the card. This is a safe, fast, and way to use a hardware crypto wallet. 

keycard kartica

 The Security

Keycard has hardware components built into it that are fully compliant with the most stringent standard (Common Criteria EAL5+). In the initial seed words generating process, the Keycard uses a True Random Number Generator to ensure maximum randomness.
In case you lose your card, it will be unusable to anyone else because the card is used only in a combination with the PIN.
When registering a Keycard with the Status application for the first time, you will receive a pairing code and a PUK number. Make sure you store it in secure and safe places, preferably something like this or this.
Pairing code will be required when you want to use your Keycard with a different mobile phone or an app other than Status. 

PUK code is needed to change your PIN.
Up to 5 different channels can be paired to one card via pairing code.

Hardware wallet
Macro image

Supported cryptocurrencies

Keycard hardware wallet works on the BIP-32 standard that supports Ether, ERC20 tokens, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and all cryptocurrencies supported by the ECDSA algorithm.

Connecting to the Status app

Keycard is integrated into the Status Android app. Pairing a card to the app is done through a few easy steps. Within the app, you will be prompted to connect your Keycard and the process is completed within a few moments.
The seed words will be generated upon the first installation of the Status app. As stated on the keycard website: 

Only with the use of the seed words, you will be able to restore your PUK number, and pairing code even if your card gets stolen.

Existing Status users will need to reinstall the app by entering their seed words and selecting the Keycard tab in the menu as shown in the image below.

Pairing with the Status app

Pairing a card with the Status application

Once the card is paired with the Status app, to start the application as well as to send cryptocurrencies, you will need to tap the card to the mobile phone, thus unlocking the application and verifying transactions. 

Keycard integration into other products

Android version of the Status app is currently the only crypto wallet that has Keycard fully integrated. iOS version of the Status app is still in development.
However, Keycard is ready to be integrated into any existing application. With the use of Open Source Keycard, API developers can integrate it with their products. A Java SDK (Software Development Kit) and a whole set of documentation are available for the developers to make complex tasks as easy as possible.
As an additional benefit, cards can be custom designed and branded.

Price and delivery

For EUR 29.63 ( VAT and delivery included ) you get a reliable and safe way to store your crypto. On their website, it says that the expected delivery time is 12 days, and delivery is done via DHL.A few days upon ordering, a blue envelope with a card and a printed user manual in English will arrive at your address.
The manual also holds a space to write down your pairing code, seed words, and PUK number.
The card is plastic, standard (credit card) size, dark blue with the Keycard logo printed and a visible electronic element on the front side and the QR code of the Status Google Play on the backside


QR code on the backside


Keycard hardware wallet is the cheapest crypto hardware wallet on the market.
It supports a large number of cryptocurrencies.
The wallet provides private keys storage in an offline environment.
Ease of use, low cost, good availability, and tools needed for easy integration into other applications, are points that make this product unique and desirable. 

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